Benefits and Services


The Builders’ Exchange is pleased to offer the following membership benefits and services to its members. We are constantly striving to find resources that will help your bottom line.  Please feel free to call Michael Miller, the Executive Director with any questions that you have about these benefits.

Benefits at the Exchange

These are benefits are available to all members who visit our offices at 400 Reed Street in Santa Clara during normal business hours.

  1. Free Notary Service for construction documents only
  2. Fax and engineering plan copier services are available at a minimal cost.
  3. Standard construction forms for commercial and industrial functions are available at a minimal cost to members.

GM Car Program through Momentum Group

The Exchange has partnered with Golden State Builders’ Exchange Momentum Groups to provide members with significant discounts on company titled vehicles, fleet management services, and fuel and/ or purchasing card programs.  Your 2018 GSBE General Motors Competitive Assistance Program is designed to add value to your membership saving you time and money. Click here for more info

Employee Benefits and Discount Programs

Through the Exchanges’ participation in the California Builders Exchanges Insurance Program (CBX), our member firms and their employees can take advantage of a comprehensive suite of group and voluntary benefit options – all with the personal assistance and support of our dedicated Benefits Consultant, Link Hirst of Q&A Insurance Marketing. For more information call Link at (408)727-6771 or go to

Affordable Drug, Alcohol and Steroid Testing

The Builders’ Exchange is pleased to announce a new member benefit program with Agathos Laboratories.  Agathos Labs specializes in affordable drug alcohol and steroid testing  as well as background screens for small, medium and large businesses. We also sell FDA-cleared on-site/rapid drug test cups, cassettes and dips.

With plenty of testing sites throughout the state, Agathos Labs can develop an employment screening program that can meet your needs. For more information, please contact Paul Momoh at Agathos Labs at (408) 730-6819 or click here.

College Scholarships

The College Scholarship Program is on hold for 2018.  We hope to bring the program back in 2019 for members.

Flyers Energy Commercial Fueling Program

The Builders Exchange is please to announce a new discount commercial fueling program with Flyers Energy. Exchange members receive a 3-cent fuel discount on gallons purchased with a CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) and a 2 cent discount with the Flyers Fleet Card, with acceptance at over 92% of gas stations nationwide.   At no additional cost, this program also comes with security and accounting features that will save your business thousands of dollars per year.  Flyers Energy will provide also provide a FREE analysis of your most recent fuel invoice or receipts to determine if the Exchange discount can benefit your business.

Here’s how to get started:
Call Michael Nathan at 510-376-4700 for more information or click here for their brochure.

Allstate Insurance

Now, Builders’ Exchange of Santa Clara County members are eligible for a 10%  discount on business auto insurance through Allstate.  Call 888-328-0770 or go to the website.

Click Safety

Members are now eligible for discounts on Online Safety Training through Click Safety. Go to the website for further information. You need to contact the exchange for the special discount code.

Safety Contact

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Miller at the Exchange at (408) 727-4000. There are many safety resources available, so give Michael a call today!

Membership Directories

The Exchange maintains an online searchable membership directory. Members can contact the exchange at any time to update their information. The online directory is updated once a month. The Exchange publishes a paper directory once a year. During the fall, every member is provided with the opportunity to update their information. Advertising opportunities are also available in the directory at: Online Member Directory

401K/Retirement Plans

The Exchange has developed a preferred provider relationship with Pension Point to provide 401K benefits and retirement plans for exchange members. Pension Point offers a comprehensive program for members that provides outstanding benefits you can’t find anywhere else for 401K members.  You will save money if you qualify! Contact Darin Conrad today for more on the program-for more info please click here

Construction Library

Members can review any items in the following list here at the Exchange or they can check out the documents for overnight review.